Taking Flight

Well …

I have now completed my Master Degree and find myself facing the big unknown. Question is … where do I go from here?

We learn so much during our higher education – how to write, how to research, how to present our thoughts, ideas and opinions once we are working in different environments. However these skills will only come into play if we can breach that most difficult of challenges … landing our first big-time job in our chosen field.

I feel I have an advantage over some … topics in International Environmental Law,Economics of Climate Change, Communicating Science, and Community Engagement. In addition, I have expanded my original field of marine biology to include both terrestrial sciences and Climate Change, a topic at the forefront of all business, studies and fields in today’s society. But how can these be brought to the attention of prospective employers? And is this enough without experience to accompany such skills and qualifications?

A Master Degree can give you an edge. I am certainly glad that I did it. But is it enough? Only time will tell … What I do know is that with the new year comes exciting times, a realm of possibilities and all the opportunities I can create for myself… Like a bird taking flight for the first time I set myself up to fly with only the wind to determine my direction 🙂


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